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Jan 15, 2019

A brave girl's journey through a land of many monsters, adapted from a Mexican folktale by Nancy García Loza. Performed and recorded live in Chicago, followed by audience conversation.

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A folktale con música
Script and corrido by Nancy García Loza
Music direction and additional music by Eréndira Izguerra
Sound team led by Mikhail Fiksel
Directed by Laura Alcalá Baker
Executive produced by Jeremy McCarter

Performed and recorded live at the National Museum of Mexican Art in Pilsen, Chicago

CAST (in order of appearance)
Young Girl - Ilse Zacharias
Father/Patrón - Christian Castro
Viejita/Cook - Ana María Alvarez
Walking Stick/Servant - Brandon Rivera
Guard/Soldado - Carlos Rogelio Diaz
Prince/Bolumbí - Eduardo Curley-Carrillo

Violin - Eréndira Izguerra
Guitarron - Jeanette Nevarez
Vihuela - Laura Velazquez

Sound designer - Mikhail Fiksel
Associate sound designer - Robert Hornbostel
Recording engineer - Steve Labedz
Audio technician - Maddie Doyle

Production manager - Madeleine Borg
Stage manager - Jaclynn Joslin
Community manager - Jennifer Aparicio
Folk music adviser - Juan Dies, Sones de México Ensemble

Editing, mixing, and additional recording by Mikhail Fiksel
Additional recording by Robert Hornbostel
Mastering by Joe Palermo

Based on a folktale in Tales from Jalisco, Mexico by Howard T. Wheeler, published by The American Folklore Society.

Casting by Paskal Rudnicke Casting

Graphic design by Carly Pearlman

Equipment provided by TechMagic Designs

Make-Believe theme music by Mikhail Fiksel

Catherine Allen and The Den Theater; The American Folklore Society; Carolyn Casselman of Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton, and Garrison; Erica Daniels and Victory Gardens; Maria Hinojosa; Nate Marshall; Chris Rooney; SAG-AFTRA; and Carlos Tortolero and the National Museum of Mexican Art

The Chauncey and Marion Deering McCormick Family Foundation, for an essential launch grant
The Poetry Foundation, our lead season sponsor
Joyce Chelberg, whose generosity supports the work of Make-Believe’s actors
All our donors and supporters

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